Who is Casey Floyd? What is LTRBOX?

Casey is a filmmaker based out of Peoria, Arizona. Got his first camera when he was 8 years old and it all started from there. Casey would gather all of his friends and make short skits but really didn't have the means to share them with the world (lack of YouTube). He learned most of his skills along the way and in high school. Over the past year or so, Casey has helped couples tell a story of their love and wedding day through means of film. 

More recently, Films by Casey has rebranded as LTRBOX Media, also known as LetterboxMEDIA. While it is extremely fun producing wedding films for amazing couples, shifting focus from one entity to many such as MOMENTS, WEDDINGS, and MEDIA, allows us to be agile with what we produce and widen our scope of work and client base. Don’t worry though, you’re still getting that great, professional expertise as you would have before.