Hey hi, what's up?

I am a filmmaker based out of Peoria, Arizona. I've worked with video I feel my whole life, but I picked up my first camera when he was 8 years old and it all started from there. I would gather all of my friends and make short skits but really didn't have the means to share them with the world (lack of YouTube). I learned most of my skills along the way and in high school, which has carried onto larger productions with bigger budgets and much more creative freedom. I have experience with almost any facet of film production from grip, gaffing, camera op/assistant, location scouting/permitting, directing, and producing. In my off time, I love telling couples' story of their love and wedding day through means of film.

I've also always had a genuine curiosity about information systems and how they work. Growing up, I would take apart the family computer just to put it back together. This led me to get my degree in Information Systems management so that I could truly learn how they work and how to design and deploy production systems. When presented with a problem, I approach it from all sides with a curiosity to solve in the most creative way possible.